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Race And Ethnicity Essay Conclusion

Racial and ethnic differences have for a long time been blamed for the existence of social and economic discrimination and inequalities in the United States. This is especially prevalent as a result of a belief that the white Americans enjoy more social and economic privileges and benefits as compared to the people from colored ethnic groups.

  • Conclusion In conclusion, the concept of race remains useful in sociological studies but has lost its meaning in biology. Predispositions towards a particular behavior are not created by a human genome. Instead, a complex web of social influences affects parameters previously attributed to a race on a biological level. Works Cited Go, Julian.

  • Ethnic Variation/Ethnicity Conclusion The late twentieth century has seen an increase in the research related to ethnicity, culture, custom, and tradition. According to research, the definition of family, ethnicity, and culture varies from one ethnic group and country to another.

  • In general, race is observed as a biological concept that refers to a person’s physical characteristics, and ethnicity is seen as a social concept that explains a person’s cultural identity. After you are clear with the basic idea, proceed with choosing a perfect race and ethnicity topic and write the essay.

Race And Ethnicity Essay Conclusion - Essay Help 24x7

Race And Ethnicity Essay Conclusion - Essay Help 24x7

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