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The Spanish Council of Singapore

The Spanish Council of Singapore aims to expand the Spanish language and culture in Singapore. They arrange Spanish courses for toddlers, kids, teenagers and adults. They have Spanish lessons for all level and they follow the official program to learn Spanish as a foreign language which is specific and different for each age group. They make sure their courses are in a small group setting to maintain the quality.

On top of their regular Spanish courses they also organise cultural events regularly. These include Spanish movie screenings, workshops, fairs and exhibitions, and all sorts of events to promote the Spanish culture. Some example of workshops include guitar lessons, flamenco lessons or Spanish cooking classes.

Spanish Guitar

All the teachers at the Spanish Council of Singapore are native from Spain or other Spanish speaking countries and are qualified with a degree or master in teaching. On top of that they have several years of experience teaching Spanish and a trackable record successfully helping students master the Spanish language.


Recently at Spanish Tutors Hong Kong we have had the opportunity to start a project with them. We are sharing experiences and challenges that we all face when  teaching students in this ever changing environment and we see which tools our students find the most useful for their learning experience. Through the sharing of experiences and resources we hope to be able to improve and provide the best learning experience to our students. Teachers have access now to a wide range of resources online including a long list of teaching books, plattforms and tools to use in the class.

How can the Spanish Council of Singapore help you?

If you are relocating to Singapore and you need to learn Spanish from scratch or keep improving your Spanish level they will be able to provide you a wide range of options including private Spanish lessons, small group classes, online Spanish lessons, books and online resources to keep up with your learning etc. If you are not a beginner they will arrange an assessment free of charge to understand your level and be able to give you the best recommendations. If you have been learning with us we will update them for you regarding your progress.

If you need specific help to achieve a certain goal like pass the IGCSE exam, the IB exam, the A-levels exam or the DELE exam they have many years of experience preparing students to get top grades. Since their teachers are also examiners for the most common exam boards, they will make sure that you can reach your specific goals.


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