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Here you can find the most important vocabulary that you will need to know for your IGCSE exam. These are imporatant actions, nouns and adjectives that will help you to have more ideas and vocabulary on your writing exam and also to have a better reading comprehension for the reading exam. Click on the following links to see the relevant quizlet vocabulary sets.

Mi tiempo libre

​​Key vocabulary on the free time, especially useful for writing and reading

Mi ciudad y mi barrio

Key vocabulary on the city and the neighbourhood

La vida sana y el medio ambiente

Relevant vocabulary onHealthy life-style and environment

Mi instituto y mi casa

Spanish IGCSE and AB Initio Basic vocabulary about the school and house.

Las tareas domésticas

Vocabulary on house shores

Rutina diaria y ropa

Daily routine actions and clothing

La comida

Key vocabulary on food

El trabajo

Key vocabulary for talking about work

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