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Our Spanish Tutors 

Premium Expert Spanish Tutors – Your Spanish Enablers

Our Premium Expert Spanish Tutors are our most experienced teachers who possess extensive experience in helping their students achieve outstanding academic results. They are all native Spanish speakers graduated from top schools over the world, such as Universidad de Barcelona and University of Warwick. The highly qualified background of our Spanish enablers think critically to customise the course materials and teaching method most suited to you.

Our student profiles cover most, if not all, international schools in Hong Kong over the years. We have developed a strong understanding and keep abreast of the curricula of international exams (I/GCSE, IB, SAT, A-Level, DELE) and provide exam drills to boost students’ performance.

Our Premium Expert Spanish Tutors are of high demand for their limited availability. Contact us now to achieve flying colours in your exams!


Below you can find a list of our Premium Expert Tutors available:



DELE Examiner, Institute Cervantes, Manchester

Degree in Translation and Interpretation, University of Vigo, Spain

Paloma has been a Spanish official exam - DELE examiner of the highest levels C1 and C2 for a long time in Manchester, England. With a superior Spanish linguistic ability, it is not surprising that she would go learn and advance other languages. She is therefore an expert in not only English but also fluent in French, Italian and Portuguese. To put her skills in practical use and enlighten the next generation, she had decided to take a bachelor degree in translation and she has since been a ELE teacher (Spanish as a foreign/second language) to students of different nationalities and an official translator working in France, northern Europe, Singapore and China.


Paloma's rich teaching and examining experience has benefit her students in Spanish Tutors to achieve A/A* in I/GCSE exams, 6/7 in IB exams and passing DELE with ease. She is one of the rare high level DELE teacher found in Hong Kong, your definite choice to level up your Spanish skills.



Official DELE Examiner, Instituto Cervantes

Diploma in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, Instituto Hemingway

Master in Communication, University of Barcelona

Degree in Communication, University of Barcelona
Native language: Spanish

Estela has always loved teaching kids. Before coming to Hong Kong she was involved first in teaching English in a local school in Barcelona for 3 years. She also lived in New York for 1 year to improve her English while being a nanny. Later on she started teaching Spanish as a foreign language in different institutions in Spain like "Instituto Hemingway".

From 2012 to 2017, Estela has continuously helped her students to achieve excellent results in IGCSE (mainly from Cambridge and Edexcel boards), IB and DELE exams. Furthering her success, she created strong bonds with her students and an impressive score in their exam papers last year.

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Master in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language, International University of Valencia, Spain.
Master in Spanish and Latin American Literature, University of Cinncinaty, USA.

Bachelor in Modern Languages, University of Deusto, Spain
Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language Course, Instituto Cervantes

Ainhoa is a very experienced teacher. She has taught Spanish as a Foreign languages at different universities in Spain and the USA (University Deusto and University of Cinncinati) making her gain a wide experience in teaching adults to learn Spanish. She has taught all levels in university from A1 to C1. Besides that in Hong Kong she has specialised in recent years to prepare students for the IGCSE and IB exams. Her students are very fond of her thanks to her dynamic and organised teaching style.

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Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, University of la Rioja, Spain. (ongoing)

Bachelor in Tourism, University of Sevilla, Spain

Bea loves teaching. It was when interacting with foreigners because of her bachelors degree that she discovered her passion for teaching people from other countries and cultures. Since then she has been focused on teaching students of ages ranged from infant to primary school students, high school students and even to adult learners.  A rich qualification and experiences certify her to help a variety of students to achieve A/A* in I/GCSE exams, and 6/7 in IB exams.

Bea has a theory of teaching Spanish to help his students achieve the best they could – Exam strategies with the focus on crucial exam areas + Customised teaching practices with challenging and diverse materials + Fun with the students. 

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Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, Univeristy of Antonio de Nebrija, Spain.

Degree in Media and Communication, University of Malaga, Spain
Games as a teaching method for kids, Certificate by instituto Cervantes.

Sara is a well organised teacher with 6 years of teaching background. She has previous experience working as a Spanish Teacher in France, In Shandong Youth University of Political Science in China and Hong Kong. She discovered that teaching gives her  direct personal every day contact with people which motivates her. She can easily engage students in whatever gender, age or cultural background to make sure that they achieve their leaning objectives. As an experienced mentor and tutor, she knows exactly what students need when they are learning Spanish and her teaching techniques are adaptable to each individual. Her passion and experience in language teaching and helping students to achieve excellent results in exams lead her to our organization, to benefit more learners here.

She is also an expert in many exams, like I/GCSE, IB, SAT, DELE. She understands students common weaknesses and exam traps and she is keen to help all students here with those problems.

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Degree Spanish Teacher as a Foreign Language, Euroinnova, SpainDegree in Business Adinistration, Alcalá de Henares University, Spain

​Mario has a degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. Currently he is also a teacher at an ESF school in Hong Kong (Island School) and he has been teaching Spanish in our organisation since 2018. He enjoys teaching teenagers and adults of all ages. He has been praised by many of our students in various professional fields. He is one of the best choices for preparing Spanish public exam, being totally familiar with the exam syllabus of the IGCSE and IB exams as he has been teaching students from International schools in Hong Kong for over 4 years.

Mario has a theory of teaching Spanish to help his students achieve the best they could – Exam strategies with the focus on crucial exam areas + Customised teaching practices with challenging and diverse materials + Fun with the students.

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Official DELE Examiner, Instituto Cervantes
Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, University of Lleida (ongoing)
Master in Management, University of Alcalá de Henares

Degree in Science and Technology, University of Alcalá de Henares

Jose has more than 6 years of experience as a Spanish Tutor. Having taught in  London has allowed him to become very fluent communicating in English and being able to understand the students needs and expectations well. His experience in Switzerland made him also fluent in French and so he understands perfectly the challenges involved in learning a foreign language. He has taught many international students in the past and therefore he is familiar withe most common international exams like IGCSE, IB and DELE.


Jose rich teaching experience has earned him a high reputation in Spanish Tutors and amongst local Hong Kong students. Thanks to his university studies he is also very skilful at modern teaching techniques using the computer, which students find very useful for their home revision.

Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 9.17.06 PM.png


Master Degree in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language, Pablo de Olavide University

Degree in Translation and Interpretation, Cordoba Univeristy

Maria is a qualified DELE B1 & B2 examiner. She had worked as a language assistant in Spain, UK, France and China before joining us. During her job in these countries, She has attained and perfected her English and French to C1 level and Chinese to B1 level. With her deep global insight and eloquent international communication skills, she has a big group of former students who loved her lessons so much and all pass the exams with a decent score but without headaches (A in I/GCSE, 6/7 in IB ab intio).

She is truly an enthusiastic and professional teacher who would prepare a lot to maximise student's learning quality. She is very kind and patient and so she is especially good at advance Spanish grammar and oral practice of different topics.



Master in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language, International University of la Rioja

Degree in Teaching - Specialised in Music Education, University of Granada

Miguel loves teaching and music. He has been studying different methodologies on helping foreign students to learn Spanish. Some students may found pronouncing Spanish difficult. As Miguel is greatly trained in Spanish and music education, feedback from his students are usually positive, with comments stating that he can help students improve  speaking and oral effectively and efficiently. He is thus a specialist in training students oral exams of different open exams, including I/GCSE, IB, AP, HKDSE and even DELE. With the help of oral topic prediction from our centre, he is definitely your solid choice in preparing school based oral tests.

He is also very skilled in teaching listening. He has developed a strategy on catching the major meaning of native-speed spanish-speaking thanks to his linguistic and musical background. By knowing the vital vocabularies and the used tense and conjugation ending of the speakers, he will help you survive high level exam listening and staying in hispanophone cities.



Master Degree in Foreign Languages, Artois University (ongoing).

Bachelor Degree in Applied Foreign Languages, University of Paris X

Carlos is a professional Educator as his qualification connotes. He likes photography and he wants to make sure that he can share his work it with people he meets. He is an experienced tutor for teaching exam preparation classes. His academic master knowledge allows him to know all the secrets of scoring on top in different high level Spanish exams. He is a very patient teacher; he does not mind to prepare a lot for classes and make his lesson fun and enjoyable so students can learn in practice. He also ensure students learn what they are expected to learn in his class, they are not going to have chance to be lazy during and after class.

Carlos is responsible for teaching adolescents and adults. They all come back with satisfying result after exams and so he receives grand applause from our students and parents of all ages, which makes him a very popular tutor here.



Bachelor Degree in Education specialised in Physical Education, Complutense University of Madrid

Raul has always dreamt to become a teacher and so his undergraduate programme revolved around education. He has been a teacher of teens and adult since he graduated and he perfected his qualification by completing a language teacher course. He has long been studying different Spanish exam papers, including IB, DELE, I/GCSE and A-levels, knowing all the essential exam techniques and students weaknesses. With a rich experience, Raul remains one of the most wanted and popular of the school.

He is also a book lover. He likes writing books, more than just reading them. For students who love reading and writing or have difficulty doing reading comprehension and writing a good essay, he can definitely help you tremendously.



Certified DELE Examiner
Certificate as a Spanish Teacher in Foreign Language.
Master Degree in Project Management, Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal

Degree in Nursing, National University of Callao
Native Language: Spanish

Maripili is an expert in different international Spanish exam, especially AP, IB and DSE Spanish. She put a lot of effort to prepare tailored material for students and she will even concern so much that whether students like her class and how they perform in exams. Having taught a lot of students who takes the American and Hong Kong styles of examination with her wholehearted care and support, she has a huge teens fandom who got 5 or above in those exams. She is very skilled in noticing students weaknesses in different papers and helping them to overcome them.

Maripili is also a creative teacher, kids love to attend her classes. Her lesson strategy is theoretical lecture plus gamification. She ensures students learn the concepts first, then they will have to practice though like Kahoot, role playing, spelling-bee, flash cards, all these are good for writing, speaking, grammar, vocabulary and reading.

Expert Spanish Tutors

All our teachers at Spanish Tutors Hong Kong are native speakers with known trackable experience in their relevant field. They are passionate and they have a wide range of skills to motivate students and help them to achieve the best results possible. They are all fluent in English and some of them can speak Cantonese and Putonghua. Each of our tutors specializes in different teaching ages and proposes to make sure they can provide the right tools for every student. For more information regarding the profiles of our Expert Spanish Tutors do not hesitate to contact us.

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