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Spanish for Exam Preparation

At Spanish Tutors Hong Kong we have been specializing in preparing you for the exams that most International Schools take in Hong Kong. Over 90% of our students manage to achieve the top 10% grades in these exams ( A-A* for IGCSE, A-Level Spanish, HKDSE and 6-7 for IB Spanish).


Our tutors have a wide experience in preparing you for these exams and we know the key factors that can push up your grade. At the same time we understand well which are the common weaknesses of most students in these tests and we know how to fix them in a fast manner.


We have courses running every day specifically to prepare you for IGCSE Spanish language B Cambridge exam board, IGCSE Spanish B Ed-excel board, A-Level, IB Standard Spanish, IB Higher Level Spanish, AB Initio Spanish and DELE A1, A2 and B1 exams, SAT and HKDSE.


Contact us for a free assessment and so that our tutors can place you in the courses that best fit your level and needs.


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