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5 must do tourist things in Barcelona

1.Go to the beach

Barcelona has so many long beaches. Every day there are many people going to the beach including local and tourists. All the beaches are usually very crowded in summer and especially on the weekend. There are lot of activities going on and you can join. For example you can do beach volleyball, windsurfing, skating etc. there is a wide range of bars and restaurants along the beach where you can find food and drinks. The beach has shower spots, public toilets and bicycle parking if you like to bike. You should not leave your belongings unattended on the beach as it could disappear very quick as in Barcelona pickpockets are abundant. However you can use one of the beach lockers available.

There is a lot of ways to go to the beach. you can walk from the city center but it will take you quite a while about 30 minutes which is specially not recommended on the peak day hours of a sunny day. You can easily rent a bike to go there. There are so many bike rental places in Barcelona. every place has different rental fees but they are affordable. It is very nice to bike along the beach and you can make a stop on the beach you find the best for you. You could still take the taxi if you prefer and it is just a 10 min ride from the centre.

2.Roof top bar with great view (Eclipse)

W hotel is actually a very popular destination for visitors although quite pricy. However there are lot of activities you can do without staying at the hotel. There is pool bar (open for non hotel guests from 7pm), beach bar and several nice restaurants. One of the best places to go is Eclipse bar. It’s located on 26th floor, the top floor of hotel building. From there you can enjoy the amazing panoramic view of the whole Barcelona city and beaches with a different style of music every day. Cocktails are great and at a reasonable price.

Taxi is the easiest way to reach W. You can stop right in front of the lobby and take the elevator. If you want to make sure there are available places you can make a reservation first.

3.Museum of contemporary art(MACBA)

If you enjoying art and you don’t want to go somewhere typical where all the tourists like to go then you should definitely visit the Museum of contemporary art. The museum is located in the city centre and within a walking distance from most hotels downtown. It is very near la Rambla, the famous pedestrian street. The museum opens everyday. Monday to Saturday opens from 10am to 8pm, Sunday and public holiday opens from 10am to 3pm. The entry fee is 10 euros and is valid for one month. Inside the museum there are several exhibitions and they are changing once in awhile. It features works by contemporary artists such as Antoni Tàpies, Paul Klee, Francesc Torres, Mario Merz and Zush. This place will definitely give you and alternative prospective and it is a pleasant way to spend your afternoon. Make sure that you download the apps and look for the AR signs to make it more interactive. Outside the building it is the place where hipsters, young people and skaters like to hang out. You will see them skating and chatting, it entertaining to watch them indeed.

4.Watch a Spanish movie in Spanish

If you come to Spain to learn the language and culture or if you want to feel how local live you should definitely go to watch some Spanish movies. There are many cinemas in the city most of them are showing movies in Spanish and showing local movies. However if you feel like watching a movie in English with Spanish subtitles you can go to the cinema called “Renoir” which is located in the city center. Local cinemas will usually don't have English subtitles. You don’t have to be very good at hearing Spanish to enjoy the movies. You can enjoy to see how people in Spain live as the movies usually show the reflect of Spanish lifestyle and ideas. The price of the ticket is reasonable which varies each day and time. Week days are cheaper as well as late or early show times.

5. Avenue Portal de l’Angel

End of season sales in Spain (starting 1st of July and 6th of January) is very popular, as the local Spanish brands like Zara, Pull&Bear, Bersha will offer good interesting discounts. During sales period shops are very crowded and discounted items are being hanged and renovated nearly on a daily basis. Therefore it is worth to go to the same shop a few days later as they will have new items on sale. Avenue Portal de l’Angel is a long walking street in city center next to Main square plaza Catalunya and main pedestrian street La Rambla. There you will find many fashion brands with nearly unlimited options for you to choose. If you wish to buy on sale popular items you should go at the beginning of the sales season otherwise you might just find the leftovers with XXL sizes. If you can’t find the product you would like to buy you could check on another shop across the street as for example Zara is found within the same street 3 times and not all shops offer exactly the same discounted items.

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