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Where to learn German in Hong Kong?

German is one of the European languages that is most popular in Hong Kong together with Spanish and French. In Hong Kong the Swiss German International school has been teaching German to students either as a foreign language or mother tongue for many years. Established in 1969 it was the first school where kids could study the german language. If you want your kids to be able to speak German without the need of taking an extra curricular activity, brining your kids to the Swiss German International school is your best option.

Many parents though prefer to bring their kids to local schools. If you want your kid to have a taste of the German language you have several options. You can register them to the German Cultural Association of Hong Kong, where they have German lessons for all ages and levels. As a student you will be able to learn the German language at your own pace and take the Goethe Zertifikat if you wish to do so. They offer individualised lessons that will adapt best to each person and guarantee a fast learning pace compared to big group lessons offered by other institutions.

Other options for students to learn German include Dr. Sackmann language classes and the Bertliz Institute of Languages. They offer big group classes for all levels and ages. Since the groups have 15-20 students those are cheaper in cost but the progress will be much slower as well. Given that learning a new language requires a lot of time and dedication having private lessons or small group lessons it is considered the best learning method if your goal is to master a foreign language.

Keep in mind that learning a new language requires time and dedication so it is very important that you enjoy the process. Achieving the A1 level (the beginners level) will require you around 100 hours of studying german. Giving the busy schedule of most students in Hong Kong nowadays it will be a long term project if you want to master the German language.

The most effective way to learn a foreign language is to travel to the country where the language is spoken. Therefore the best approach as a student would be that you acquire the basics of the language where you live (level A1) and after that if you have the chance stay for 1 month in Germany and you will see a massive improvement on your language skills.

As German is spoke in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, you have plenty of options to choose a place where you can experience the German culture on first hand. There are plenty of schools that can be found online offering programs for you to stay for 1 month in one of these countries, study German intensively in a local German language school, live with a German family and join the outings and activities organised to interact with locals. In 1 month your German will be boosted in ways that you couldn't have imagined when you were learning it as a total beginner on the first place.


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