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How can Spanishtutors help you “survive” throughout your IB program

It is not the same to have a tutor helping you during your IB years than having Spanishtutors to help you! Wonder why we are like no other place in Hong Kong? This is why:

1. We have all the question banks from EVERY school in Hong Kong teaching IB Spanish uses to assess their students in their final oral exam. Definitely knowing the kind of questions that YOUR teacher will ask you will help.

2. We will help you write your final Written Assignment. That is 20% of your final grade!

3. We know the role plays that you will have to perform in your class which count 10% of your final grade (for IB standard and Higher Level), don’t forget this part is internally assessed by your school and not by the IBO!

4. We know what is important and what is not to help you score a top grade! What does that mean? For example that format is key in your writing exam, we will explain you how to do each format which is not explained at school, we will focus ONLY in certain topics that are ALWAYS in your final exam like healt which is always one of the options you can choose in your writing and oral exams.

These are just a few examples, if you still have questions on how we can help you contact us!

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