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Dénia, an amazing destination to learn Spanish

Denia is located between Valencia and Alicante, in the area called "Costa Blanca".What makes Denia special?

The location Denia has a privileged location on the East coast of Spain and it is surrounded by an astonishingNatural Park called "El Montgó" the perfect spot for many people who enjoy nature. It is near Alicante and Valencia and you can get to Madrid in less than 4 hours.

While being at TLCdenia school you also have the opportunity to enjoy different trips around Spain.

The climate With its excellent climate conditions (an average of 19º C), strolling around the beach, hiking or enjoying the sun in a terrace are some of our students’ favourite activities throughout the year.

The gastronomy Denia's gastronomy is recognized worldwide and it was declared Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO in December 2015. It has 8 Michelin stars in an area of 8 kilometres, perfect for foodies!

The culture Denia was inhabited by the Iberian, Roman, Islamic and Chris­tian civilizations, whose legacy (monuments, museums, archaeological ruins and neighbourhoods) can still be found around the city.

Festivities In consequence, Denia has become one of the cities with more festivities per year.

Some of these are:

"Moros y Cristianos" This festivity commemorates the Reconquest of Denia by Christians. Participants wear colourful costumes and parade to traditional music.

The town's patron saint, ‘San Roque’ is also celebrated

"Fallas" Every March Denia welcomes the Spring by decorating the streets with huge monuments called ´Fallas´. These monuments are later burnt up. In this festivity, you can find fireworks, local bands playing music around the streets, Mediterranean food…everything to enjoy Spanish Culture.

With these popular and lively celebrations TLCdénia students are constantly immersed in the culture and language of our country, which makes this experience unique and unforgettable. The school of Spanish TLCdénia is in the centre of Denia. It is a school accredited by Instituto Cervantes with more than 30 years of experience. They provide

personal service in small groups. Their most popular language programmes are "Parent & child" with Spanish courses for the entire family, the "Teenager Summer Programme", which is very popular, as Denia is a very safe place for teenagers, and the ‘Adult Intensive Courses’.

Learning Spanish in TLCdénia school will be a breathtaking experience!

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